Friday, February 17, 2017

I’m Writing Music!

Not really, but kind of.

David    Skiler

You see, I have made up a song for each one of my kids that I sang to them when they were little and even sometimes now. I even wrote a song for a little guy that didn’t have a father figure in his life for his first few years of life so I “adopted” him (even now that he has a step father he still calls me “Daddy Tim”).

Well, with three more boys about to converge on our household decided it was time to get busy and begin writing songs for them. Thankfully they aren’t all three coming at once, but will come at intervals as soon as they are finished with the programs in the boy’s homes where they are staying. We do pray to get the first next week so get ready for some exciting announcements.

PS. I won’t reveal the songs yet. The three precious boys who they are written for get to hear them first.

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