Saturday, August 15, 2015

Well I’ll Be A Slender-Tailed Meerkat!

We have been blessed to be able to spend a week in beautiful Omemee, Ontario, Canada at Mill Stream Bible Camp for the past three years where I have taught Bible and Sarah has worked in the kitchen. It has been a real blessing to our family. Each year, after our week of camp is over, the director and his wife, Larry and Cindy Chupa, graciously allow us to stay a few extra days and explore the surrounding area. Our first year, when enquiring as to where to go that would be interesting, Cindy suggested the Peterborough Zoo. Peterborough, a town about a half hour away, actually has it’s own zoo and park owned by the city called the Riverview Park and Zoo or The Peterborough Zoo. It is a fantastic little zoo that not only has over 135 animals, but also has a huge playground and a lot of picnic space. And it fits right into our budget since it is absolutely free! Our first year we took a really nice picture of our three boys in front of one of the climbing rocks in the playground. It turned out so well that we decided to recreate it last year and then again this year. However, when putting together the collage below, I noticed one strange thing. See if you can figure it out before I tell you what it is.
Peterborough Collage
No, I’m not talking about my terrible perspective of how far to stand back when taking each picture. It’s something completely different. You  see there are two rocks of different heights in the playground. This year, we had a “not heated but getting close to it” conversation about which rock we used every year. I was convinced that it was one rock but the boys were convinced that it was the other. So, we took pictures in front of both rocks and, of course, when putting together the collage, I chose the picture from the rock that I was absolutely sure was the correct one. It turns out that we were both wrong! Somehow, last year we took the picture in front of the other rock than the one we did in the first year! Notice the buildings behind and how John Allen has nearly reached the top of the rock in the second picture. That’s because it was the shorter rock. No wonder we were all confused. Ah, well, so much for that. I still think that the picture is pretty neat and, God willing, we will continue with our tradition again next year.
Or could it be that the zoo staff put more mulch down last year and that’s why John Allen looks so much taller. I mean, after all, the rock does look the same. Of course there’s that mark on the rock that isn’t showing in the second picture. But Joshua’s leg could be covering it up. Look at that notch beside Jacob’s left arm. Does it seem the same to you?
OH! Never mind! Now I’m even more confused than ever! HELP!

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