Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Son the YouTube Sensation!

Joshua 3

Joshua, our middle child, has always been his own person. “Aspies ” people with Asperger’s Syndrome – on the Autism Spectrum) always tend to march to a different drummer and Joshua is no different. They are sometimes referred to as “little geniuses” because they will become interested in something and then want to learn all they can about that particular topic. They become obsessed about their new found interest and do internet research, read books, watch videos, talk to people – you name it – about their fascinating topic. Joshua’s topics have ranged from Thomas the Train when he was little to helicopters, football, WWE Wrestling, trains, and, more recently, geography and languages. He is presently in 8th grade, is a geography expert (at least compared to me) and is learning Russian.

One thing that he became interested in (that thankfully didn’t become an obsession) was video challenges. You know, the ones where someone tries something unusual, like the salt and ice challenge or the cinnamon challenge? Most of those challenges are gross and can be dangerous so I won’t allow him to do them unless I have done some research and there is adult supervision. One thing that I do allow, is tasting hot sauces or hot foods. You see, one of the unique things about some aspies is that they have very acute senses. Joshua loves very hot foods and even takes his medications with things like Worchester Sauce and Soy Sauce. So I have allowed him to tape himself tasting hot things and posting them on YouTube.

I am pleasantly surprised at how well he does. It almost seems like he has a natural presence on camera. He even posts his bloopers that can be quite funny. He has developed a small following on his YouTube channel. Below are a few of his videos for your viewing pleasure. If you like them then please subscribe to his YouTube Channel. His goal is to get 100 subscribers. Here is the YouTube Channel address - Thanks ahead of time for becoming one of his subscribers if you should choose to do so. I know that he would absolutely be thrilled to have you follow him. Let me know in the comments what you think.

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