Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crazy, Unexplainable, Things Are Happening! A Good News Ministries Update!

I know that at this stage of my Christian life things that God does shouldn't astonish me, but God continues to amaze me in so many ways! I can see Him move in so many wonderful, crazy, ways that He is making my head spin! Everyday I am totally flabbergasted at the way God is working. Great breakthroughs have happened in ministries that have already begun; God is miraculously working in new ministries that are just starting; and brand new ministry opportunities are opening up!

I am going to be totally transparent for a couple of minutes. A year and a half ago we had to move from the location where our ministry with low income folks began 18 years ago. For almost 15 of those 18 years we lived in the house that abutted our ministry building. A year and a half ago we were told that the house and building had sold and we had to move. However, we in no way felt that our ministry with the families in the projects and other low income areas had ended. God still had a plan for us in those areas.

We moved to a smaller 3 bedroom apartment two blocks away from where we lived before. For over a year I struggled with how we were to proceed. I actually went into a depression during that time. Even though God had graciously given us a completely converted mini-bus to use for our ministry I still struggled. I felt that our identity had been taken away from us. We struggled financially, physically, and emotionally. All during this time God kept telling me that the answer was in deep prayer and Bible study. Finally, a few months ago, God finally got through to my thick skull and forced me to my knees and back to serious devotion and Bible reading.

That is when the changes began to happen. We finally got our bus licensed and tagged and fixed for the second time (thankfully not expensive at all). Tonight was the first time I used it for an actual Bible study. Although the bus is called "The Bible Club Place" tonight's study was with adults that live in a very low end trailer park. I know these people and have worked with the kids from this area but I really felt like God was leading me to talk about salvation. I now know why. One dear lady trusted the Lord!

One of the things that I have been praying for is boldness to do God's work. God has certainly been leading me to be bold. I have done things that I thought I would never do! Things are happening that I never dreamed would happen. God is working in unexplainable, miraculous ways. Some of the things that have been happening I have already blogged about, but some of the things I haven't. I can't say a whole lot more right now, but exciting things are happening and I will let you all know when I can.

Until then, please continue to pray for our ministry. Pray for our adult ministries in the trailer park and in the projects. Pray for my weekly teen boy's Bible study. Pray for my visitation ministries. Pray for the five day clubs that I am going to be conducting this summer. Pray for the new, exciting ministries that God may be leading us into.

Thank you all for your prayers. You are a blessing!

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